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Video is as hot as FaceBook on the net. Everything with video receives more attention not only from the site visitors but from Google and other search engines. If a picture speaks a thousand words then a video speaks a million words.

Professional Video Editing

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Professional Video Editing
Video is as hot as FaceBook on the net.  Everything with video receives more attention not only from the site visitors but from Google and other search engines.  If a picture speaks a thousand words then a video speaks a million words.  It is more expensive to produce but if it increases your sales conversion by a great degree it is worth it.

Good video is what makes the difference.  While for YouTube you can have low quality video, for company presentations and product demonstrations you must have a professionally produced video or you will look bad.  Video is not a fad any more it is the new and best way to show your company off.  A video upload to FaceBook when accompanied by a great headline will receive far more attention than most text only posts and even picture posts. Now you can have affordable video editing.  You produce the video and we will add a great intro, add great transitions and text callouts, we will cut it perfectly as well.  We will turn all of your footage to a great final video at a very affordable price. This price assumes no more than 1 hour of video for up to 30 seconds of final video.  If the footage if more than 1-120th in length the price will change and will be quoted separately.  If you produce green screen video we will key the green screen. We will include up to 5 twenty word text callout per 30 seconds of video, if more is needed we will quote you on a per case basis.  We will also include your company logo as a watermark if you wish.  We can produce a 3-5 second intro from a video template of your choosing for you if you wish again or use your existing one.  We can also provide you with additional resources such as an actor to do voiceover and custom background music as priced below.  The voiceover is a flat fee to the actor for up to 4 hours of work (it does take long to produce even a 30 second spot).Video production is sold on a per second basis.  You choose how many seconds your video should be and we will create a video within 10% of that time for the price below.  The price shown here is per second of video. There is a minimum 30 second requirement.
When providing the materials for the video you guarantee us that you have full rights to use them in the video. We do not take responsibility for the copyright issues of the video; we will just make it for you. We make no warrantees or guarantees expressed or implied about our photo videos, their effectiveness, or impact on your image.  We will create videos about almost any subject but we reserve the right to refuse create a coupon without requiring a reason, solely at our discretion. Any additional work you request which is not covered by this description will be quoted prior to beginning the work, we are not responsible for delays while we obtain your permission.  Custom music production can be shorter than the video but as it needs to consider the entire video it will still cost the same seconds as the video.

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