Professional Blogging Ongoing Service

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Professional Blogging Month to Month Packages. We will produce blogs 250-500 words long. We can also add photos and videos to the blogs. Ongoing Agreement

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Professional Blogging Month to Month Packages

Professional Blogging Ongoing Service

Our prices take into account economies of scale. Try as you might you can never hire a full time blogger or even a part-time blogger for the amount we charge.  Professional blogging makes total sense for all size companies.

This blog like the rest of our blogs will be between 250 and 500 words in length and it will require you to fill out our intake form to figure out what keywords you want in it and where you would like us to post it.  This form will be emailed to you after you placed your first order. Please allow a full week of research to allow us to start learning about you and your needs as well as your industry when you order our service for the first time.  After we know you and you industry there will not be any delays in blog production.  This blog represents a legally binding agreement based on the number of blogs over a period of one year that you purchase and cannot be canceled 24 hours after the order has been placed. The contract time is one year and you are purchasing number of blogs in one year.  Please note that even if you order blogs three times a week they will not always come out on Monday Wednesdays and Friday, they will come out staged throughout the week.  We will also need access to your blog if you wish us to post it as well.  If you wish us to post to the headline(s) to Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter we will do completely free for you as well if you give us access.
Blogs with videos and images have a much higher readability.  We encourage you to give us images we can use on your blogs to include at least one image with each blog.  Including an image you have provided with each blog is also complementary. If you wish us to include one we find please order the service from below as we may need to pay for the image and it takes longer to find images.  We can make videos for you with each blog. The video will be from 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes in length depending on the size of the blog and materials found.  The video will be a simple video with just a person talking about the same subject as the blog or it may be a photo only video with voice over at our sole discretion.  More polished videos can be produced but they need to be quote separately on a per case basis.  To purchase videos for your blog please check the checkbox below. Video production may delay a blog by 24 hours as we simply do not read the blog in the video and production time can vary significantly. We will post the paid video to your Youtube or Facebook account if you give us access at no additional cost.

Even with the advent of Facebook and other super popular social networks blog is still king of social network media content marketing and content syndication.  Why? Well when people are looking for solid information they need more than just a few lines of text. Also and more importantly because for search engines content is king and blogs when properly made is possible the best marketing content there is.

Recently content marketing and content syndication is becoming more important than search engine optimization.  There will always be a need for SEO, but user content production and blogs are the most effective way to disseminate information and get links back to your site.  Combine this with video, charts, presentations, ebooks, and other content marketing materials and you have a powerhouse of user content that aides your customers.

We make no warranties or guarantees expressed or implied about our blogs and when engaging us you acknowledge that we will hold no liability.  We will write about almost any subject but we reserve the right to refuse production of any blog without requiring a reason, solely at our discretion.  This blog is month to month with no contract or set time agreement after the number of blogs you purchase are used up there is no further commitment on your part.  Under no circumstances will we refund any money 24 hours after the order as once we start our research it is too late for a refund.  Even if you wish to discontinue the rest of the blogs they will not be refunded you will receive the credit towards future blogs for a period of 3 years, after three years any unused portion of the purchase will be forfeited by you.

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