Micro Website


Landing pages are essential to increase ad conversion rates but sometimes, particularly for very visual or very complex offers you need just a bit more than one page to convert a visitor. This is when highly targeted mini-website can really improve ad conversion. A 3-5 link mini-website can offer enough information to strengthen the offer and close the sale. The additional pages may have supporting content such as additional images, videos, white papers or downloadable materials, or simply good focused copy that supports the offer.

Micro-websites are like Landing Pages on steroids! Not quite as big as a regular site but often even more complex since design has to be done very carefully as even the colour palette can make a huge difference. Mini-websites as they are sometimes called are perfect for a new artist album, real estate properties, complex financial tools, and many more.

A micro-website is often hosted as a subdomain so that it emphasizes the branding while maintaining its own identity and being free from distractions of the regular site links! A miniwebsite stands on its own.

Miniwebsites are our specialty; we can make them fast and completely customized to your offer! Sometimes smaller is more difficult and not everyone can do a minimal site, but from providing our services primarily to small businesses, our experience in this area is superior! If you are even considering a more substantial landing page, give us a call today!

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