FaceBook FBML Creation Yearly Saver

Quick Overview

FaceBook FBML Fan Page Ongoing Development Yearly Saver. The same Facebook service for CBML pages but with the added benefits of monthly updates when paid for the full year.


Product Description

FaceBook FBML Fan Page Ongoing Development Yearly Saver
Fan Pages are the new Webpages for many.  In fact there is a new service that has a website but uses more fan pages as their pages than they use their website.  Make no mistake you still need a website as if ever Facebook closes down or bans you as it has happened to many you need your website—but increasing you desperately need a FaceBook Fan Page as well.

Having a Professional looking fan page is a great step.  Managing and changing it on a regular basis is the best way to maximize the effectiveness of your Fan Pages.  This package gives you just that.  With it you can choose a full year of templates and or coupons and all of our a la cart Facebook services.  They are the same as the featured services we have explained at length in other pages but with a significant savings for each!  Choose one or all of them!
We make no warrantees or guarantees expressed or implied about our content management and when engaging us you acknowledge that we will hold no liability.  We will write about almost any subject but we reserve the right to refuse create of any Fan Page without requiring a reason, solely at our discretion.  Even template fan pages require information and input from you and we are not responsible for delays that occur while we await your responses. If you request a refund prior to the full term of the service you will be charged the full price for each product produced up to that point and refunded the rest.

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