Inbound Marketing Coach

Need Knowledge Fast? We can train you!

Sometimes your company has talent that can write but need to learn the entire social network marketing and content marketing arena fast.  Anyone can learn this arena fairly proficiently in about 250+ hours, but there is a shortcut that will save you money and get you moving fast.

We can become your Inbound Marketing Coach.  How will this save you money?  Well even at just the low wages of $10 per hour it would cost $2500+ for just one person to train themselves to become a minimally proficient inbound marketer.  Our training can save loads of time and cut the learning curve to just a 25-30 hours or so; however you will not pay us for 25-30 hours just 6,10, or 15 hours, the rest of the time the student will be doing assignments to demonstrate their proficiency.

What do we teach?  First and foremost we teach organization to do things faster.  Inbound marketing is not hard at all; it just takes a great deal of time.  However, it can take a great deal more if you do not learn about shortcuts you can take to manage your time.  What we teach in such a short coaching time is primarily where to go and what tools to use to make your super organized and start working right from the start.  We also share a great deal of tools you can use to find ideas and do research that will also save you time.

There is no magic, content marketing takes time; but we can save you a great deal by teaching you to save time and work easier.  Since we save you a huge learning curve we save you a great deal of money.  The more people you need trained the more we save you!  Start your training today!

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