FaceBook FBML Fan Page Development

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FaceBook FBML Fan Page DevelopmentFan Pages are the new Webpages for many. In fact there is a new service that has a website but uses more fan pages as their pages than they use their website.

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FaceBook FBML Fan Page Development

FaceBook FBML Fan Page Development
Fan Pages are the new Webpages for many.  In fact there is a new service that has a website but uses more fan pages as their pages than they use their website.  Make no mistake you still need a website as if ever Facebook closes down or bans you as it has happened to many you need your website—but increasing you desperately need a FaceBook Fan Page as well.

We create FaceBook Fan Pages whether from Templates to just give you a great looking presence or customized to your needs.  With our template fan pages you don’t pay so much for the template as you do for the customizations we do.  Adding your video, logo, etc. seamlessly into them is part of the service we offer.  You can buy a template for $20 on the web but installing it even with the provide code is very difficult indeed.  Merging your logo and other content into it is even more difficult.  We do it all for you still at a very affordable price.  Need a customer template?  We can do those two and your template will have a unique design made just for you, also very affordable.

FBML Pages usually work best when there are several of them working together and we suggest you at the very least have a main page and a coupon page.  We can produce coupons from templates at a very affordable price as well.  Coupons energize your pages and drives traffic to it.

Finally you need to almost recreate your website inside Facebook? We can custom program a great deal of features into Facebook Fan Pages though they do not always allow all content, at least content that functions automatically (such as videos playing and flash working without a click).  For custom programming please contact us and we will give you a FREE Quote based on your unique specifications.

Please allow one week lead time after we receive all materials from you to create your template fbml page and one week after you approve your custom FaceBook Fan Page for the page to be completed.

We make no warrantees or guarantees expressed or implied about our content management and when engaging us you acknowledge that we will hold no liability.  We will write about almost any subject but we reserve the right to refuse create of any Fan Page without requiring a reason, solely at our discretion.  Even template fan pages require information and input from you and we are not responsible for delays that occur while we await your responses.

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